4 good reasons to be accompanied to process your data. 

Data management in companies is a crucial subject that requires time, resources and relevant tools. But what to do when 70% of companies are facing a shortage of data profiles? Moreover, 80% of the time spent by data scientists and analysts is spent preparing the data. With Invenis' experts, you can focus on what brings the most value to your data and use cases.

1 - Use our data experts in a continuous improvement process

Invenis brings added value to the management of your projects by converting efficiently the collected data into tangible and readable information.

Optimize your data process

Invenis' experts offer you a general watch that takes into consideration both your sector, public or private, and all the other information that exists in parallel. In this way, you are always up to date and develop a system of continuous improvement of your methods and your services. 

Challenge your Data Management 

Through their missions in different sectors and on sometimes distinct aspects within these sectors, our experts bring you a fresh look and perspective on your data. In other words, they challenge your data management with new ideas. This objectivity is essential in order not to miss any of the operational and business opportunities that arise. 

2 - Stay on the cutting edge of technology with our experts entirely dedicated to data projects

Data Science

Invenis experts help you stay on top of technological advances. And for good reason, our data consultants devote 100% of their time to data projects. Their job involves a part of monitoring to stay abreast of the latest market news and business developments. Thus, we know how to implement a project using the latest technologies for better performance and viability. 

Integrate advanced technologies to improve performance

Your teams can then access technologies that promote decision-making, in particular by enriching data with Open Data or enriching your data processing with Machine Learning algorithms. In this way, you integrate best practices aimed at competitiveness into your business.

In addition, through their daily work on numerous customer projects, Invenis experts know how to implement a data project from A to Z, adapting to the needs of each sector, and thus provide you with the methodology to achieve the highest ROI. 

Increase the ROI of your data projects

Our data experts develop use cases for many clients, whether it is to meet a need in the public sector or to generate the appropriate data processing. 

They will help you identify the use cases that will bring you the most added value, or will allow you to identify the areas to improve in order to optimize your data approach. During our services, our data consultants enable all the teams concerned to learn about data issues, for better overall performance.

They can even take a closer look at your industry and implement use cases that have worked for other clients. 

ROI Project

Successfully launch your data projects into production

When scaling up, these experts are also present to go from PoC to the industrialization of the use case. Whether it's access to the service by the end user or communication between the cloud and your IT department, data teams are faced with multiple challenges to guarantee data governance and security. The support of experts will allow you to industrialize your projects in a serene, sustainable and secure manner.

3 - With Invenis, you save time

Today, 87%* of French decision-makers consider data to be a growth driver and more than a third* of companies have accelerated the deployment of AI. Invenis' experts will help you overcome the lack of time or skills in-house. 

Free up time for your teams

time saving

Thus, your company will be able to concentrate on tasks with greater added value and thus leave other missions to its data partner, more time-consuming as the Data Preparation. Our experts will allow you to automate the different steps of data preparation. Thus, when scaling up your data projects, you will have clean, reliable and accessible data. 

Similarly, by balancing the cost of an in-house team with an external team, you can easily balance your expenses. In that the flexibility of an external provider - which intervenes according to the need more or less strong per period. This makes the collaboration complementary at all levels. 

Obtain steering tools and results quickly

Invenis works in agile mode to achieve quick results, without waiting for the end of the project. This has several benefits:

  • Your business teams have quick access to deliverables (maps, dashboards, HTML pages, etc.), whose functionalities will be increased later on
  • You can speed up your decision making without waiting for the end of the project
  • You process opportunities faster

4 - Invenis' experts know how to deal with the difficulties that may arise

You stay on course with our methodology ...

Sometimes internal data projects are disrupted by other internal missions. The processing of data and its application to use cases are then delayed or not sufficiently completed to achieve the objectives. 

Data teamwork

Invenis experts have designed a data methodology that has been proven by our clients. Thanks to it, you will ensure the quality of your data, the involvement of your teams and optimize the ROI of your projects.

To finally succeed in your data projects

The clients that Invenis supports and advises, companies and public administrations, are 96% satisfied. Its experts cover all the areas that create value: Data preparation & Data quality, data governance, statistical analysis and Machine Learning. Take advantage of their customized data visualization tools with dashboards and turnkey mapping for all your use cases. 

Need data experts? Invenis provides you with experienced experts who know your solution needs.

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