Discover our use cases made for retail, manufacturing and construction industries. And much more!

Marketing & Sales

Customer data, loyalty data, marketing campaign data, sales data, product data web data, customer relationship data. Invenis enables marketing and sales teams to be self-sufficient and implement predictive analysis  on all their customer or sales data. For a more efficient business.

Segmentation and customer knowledge

Aggregate your sales data, your web data, your transaction data, customer journey … and segment your customers according to their profiles, customize your offers, optimize the customer journey and improve your customer experience in a sustainable way!

Mapping and
enriching data

Map your geographic data, display it on interactive maps, and enrich it with Open Data to identify additional sources of revenue.


Analyze the transaction history of your customers, anticipate their future purchases and build powerful campaigns thanks to recommendation analysis! Offer your customers products they are likely to like and buy. And follow all your KPIs on interactive dashboards.

Other use cases: reducing customers churn, customers segmentation, optimization of targeting …

Operations and Supply Chain

Data from building sites, storage data, machine logs, consumption data or energy production data … Invenis adapts to all the problems of the operational and logistics teams.


Analyzing your machine data helps identify common machine behaviors before a failure and detects pre-failure behaviors before they occur.

of workflows

Aggregate the reserve data of your sites and map all the activities and actors of the site: electricity, plumbing, masonry. Optimize construction flows, anticipate recurring problems and improve the production and quality of the construction site.

of consumption

Use the data history of your warehouses, your customers’ transactions to anticipate and accurately predict the consumption of your products in order to anticipate your storage needs and your human resources needs.

Other use cases: analysis of consumption and production of an autonomous building in energy, improvement of the quality of a production line …

Smart City, Health and Public Sector

Energy data, care path data, equipment data or public policies … Invenis is also for you.

Referencing and tagging textual data

Rather than tag and reference all your databases manually, use Invenis to tag and categorize your data using its Text Mining and Machine Learning algorithms.

Cartography and urban planning

Arrange your urban design data on maps, enrich them with Open Data and make full use of all available data to make the best recommendations for urban planning.

Help to budgetary

Visualize your projects and play with the different parameters in order to make the best strategic decisions and thus better manage your budgets.

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