Get your customized action plan for quality data and gain fluidity 🚀

Defining a seamless organization for data quality and increasing the fluidity of your processes are among the fundamental areas for improvement in your data strategy. 

Faced with an ever-growing volume of data, data teams must focus on the important actions. Each step of the data processing is essential to build a sustainable exploitation of the data and to get its full potential.

This requires your data teams to be constantly on the lookout for new developments and to continuously improve. 

To help data teams focus on the most ROI-rich actions, our experts have designed a free audit to measure data maturity.

Discover in this article, the 3 good reasons to perform your data audit 😃

Reason #1 - Prioritize your actions to improve your data management

Thanks to their experience with our clients, our Data Analysts have developed a tool to audit data maturity. It aims to quickly identify the first assets and areas of improvement in the data strategy of companies. 

The data maturity audit takes into account the fundamental data issues: 

  • The value of the data
  • Data sharing
  • Data governance
  • Data in your business
  • The tooling

Thanks to this audit, our experts will map your data maturity. 

In concrete terms, you will obtain a global vision of the steps to be reworked and more precisely the crucial steps to be reviewed. This way, you can prioritize your actions and define your friction points in your data process. 

This analysis will be performed globally as well as by field of action in order to obtain a precise assessment of your data analysis strategy. 

Reason #2 - Position your data organization in relation to the market

To deepen the audit of your data maturity, our experts will compare your positioning with the market practices. This comparison will allow you to detect competitive advantages and actions on which you are lagging behind.

Thanks to these indicators, you will be able to identify the fields of data actions that will bring you the most value. 

This way, you will be able to prioritize the steps to be improved according to the progress of the market.

Reason #3 - Get a data roadmap tailored to your business

On a daily basis, our experts are constantly on the lookout to stay on top of the data processing market. By working in contact with our clients from different sectors, our Data Analysts have developed a fine knowledge of data issues: Data Preparation, Data Governance, Data Culture or industrialization of data projects.  

Data audit

The lessons learned from this audit will allow our experts to prepare initial data recommendations. They will build you a customized action plan to improve your data process by identifying the actions to be implemented quickly.

In short, this audit will allow your data teams to gain time and productivity. You will be able to get more ROI from your data.

So what are you waiting for to perform your data maturity audit? 

Don't wait any longer! It takes less than 10 minutes to perform your data maturity audit. 

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