Marketing / Sales

Boost your sales and improve the quality of your sales monitoring thanks to data

You have the feeling that:

  • You spend too much time analyzing your data and find too little insights?
  • You are relying on other services for your data analysis?
  • You would like to upgrade towards the next generation of data analysis (Big Data and AI)?

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Save analysis time

up to 50% analysis time saved

Refine your customer knowledge

Easily connect all your databases

Entrust your analyses to experts

Our Data experts set up all your data processing and provide you with the essential management tools for your marketing and sales actions


Our business cases

Automation of recurring analyses - AFNOR Certification

Finish with manual analysis and optimize your sales management!

Purchase recommendation

Recommend the right products to the right customers at the right time and boost your marketing campaigns!

Fight against churn

Simply identify and retain customers who are likely to break their contract!

Knowledge and customer segmentation

Effectively explore your customer data and identify growth drivers

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