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Improve your processes, increase productivity and optimize costs

Are you looking to:

  • Improve your processes?
  • Save your time for high value-added tasks?
  • Increase productivity of your production tasks?

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Anticipate breakdowns

Train Machine Learning algorithms on your production data and gain up to 5 points of productivity on your machines.

Optimize your processes

Clearly identify and prioritize the actions to be taken

Do it yourself

The power of Big Data and AI accessible to your teams in complete autonomy


Our business cases

Predictive maintenance

Anticipate machine breakdowns

Geo fencing

Monitor and secure geographical areas to be protected

Internet of Things

Control the consumption of your connected objects, anticipate breakdowns and malfunctions.

Smart City / Predicting road traffic

Prediction of road traffic and traffic jams in Paris


Analyze and predict your needs and stocks

Process optimization

Explore all your data and optimize your processes for better productivity

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