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A single solution to clean and improve all your data

You have issues:

  • Data quality?
  • Heterogeneous and massive data?
  • Data migration?

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Clean and reliable data

Within the same software, you aggregate, clean and quality all your data (structured and heterogeneous).

No-code software

You build your data cleansing and preparation pipelines in a few clicks. Your entire data team can collaborate and have access to all necessary data preparation features.

Industrialized projects

With Invenis, you automate your data processing pipelines and industrialize all your Data projects. Simplified monitoring of pipelines.


Our business cases

Cleaning & data preparation

Your clean and reliable data, ready to be analyzed!

Processing of heterogeneous and massive data

Process and exploit all your data, regardless of its volume or nature (structured or multimedia).

Data migration

Migrate and transfer your data with peace of mind with Invenis.

Other use case

Do you have a particular need regarding the processing and integration of your data? Contact us, we bet we can help you!

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