Defense & Security

Invenis assists Defense and Security players in processing their massive data

  • Preparation and processing of massive and heterogeneous data
  • Implementation of use cases from the defence and security sectors
  • Sovereign and trustworthy

Being called back

Defence and security expertise

Invenis software has been designed to meet the needs and requirements of the defence and security sector

Sovereign and trustworthy

Use of your sensitive data in a sovereign way.

Big Data and heterogeneous data

Processing of multi-source and multi-format data (multimedia and geographic data, OSINT, etc.).

The no-code and sovereign data preparation software for defence and security organisations


Our business cases

Data preparation

Clean, quality data, no matter how large your data set.


Monitor and secure the geographical areas to be protected.

Detection of abnormal behaviour

Target your databases for suspicious behaviour.

Processing of heterogeneous data

Extraction of named entities from PDFs, identification of text from images, extraction of text from sounds, videos, etc.

All our use cases

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