Banks and Insurance

Quality data in complex environments

Invenis unifies, makes reliable and enriches all your databases to obtain usable information at all levels of your banking or financial organisation. You optimise the quality of your data, accelerate and simplify the work of your data teams.

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Big Data and AI

Processing of massive and heterogeneous data

Aggregation and reconciliation of siloed data

To reduce risk, aggregate and enrich all your databases and finally access unified and reliable data

Sovereign and trustworthy

Software mastered on a French scale. To process your data with complete confidence.

Data Preparation software to de-silo and unify banking and financial data with confidence


Our business cases

Disaggregate and consolidate all data

Unify all your databases and all your data (structured data and heterogeneous data).

Handle large volumes of data

Including sensitive and personal data, online or offline.

Automate data pipelines

Reduce errors in your data pipelines through a standardised and collaborative approach.

All your use cases on all your data

Risk scoring (credit, IBAN...), Know Your Customer (KYC), fight against churn, detection of complex fraud...

Fraud detection

Discover our fraud management tool that allows you to identify and detect fraudulent behavior within all your data.

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