Public Sector

Exploiting government data and implementing a public data policy

Are you looking to:

  • Consolidate, cross-reference and process large volumes of data?
  • Visualize the impact of public policies in visual management tools?
  • Support from data and public sector experts?
  • Spreading a data culture among your teams?

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Data management

Exploit all your data for the purposes of understanding and improving public policy.

You'll reinforce data acculturation within your administration thanks to the implementation of high value-added use cases.

Human resources
and technology

On your own with our no-code Data Preparation software, or accompanied by our team of data and public sector experts.


Sovereign and public sector expert

Invenis is a sovereign solution, and we have expertise in the public sector.

On-premise or in the cloud, your data is safe and protected by French law.

Member of French Tech, referenced at UGAP and on the GouvTech catalog.

The data partner of public actors

Ministry of Solidarity and Health
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Economy and Finance

Invenis is referenced in the UGAP and in the GouvTech catalogue for administrations


Our business cases

Fraud detection

Identify actions likely to be fraudulent in all your data, anticipate them and prioritize control actions

Data processing

Aggregation, consolidation and processing of all your data (massive, structured, heterogeneous, multimedia)

Automated reporting

Provide your teams with visual, automatically updated tools for steering your public policies.

Evaluate the impact of public policies

Implement concrete actions as part of a continuous improvement process

All your use cases

All your use cases quickly accessible by your teams

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