Find out in this interview with Jean-Luc Angibault, the challenges and needs of defense players in terms of data processing 🚀

Jean-Luc Angibault is President of the GICAT Data Intelligence Cluster and founder of Wintellis.

Invenis - Hello Jean-Luc Angibault,
You are the founding president of Wintellis, a strategic intelligence consulting firm. You are also the President of the Data Intelligence Cluster, one of the GICAT clusters. Can you introduce us to GICAT and the Data Intelligence Cluster?

GICAT is a professional grouping of about 300 companies. Created in 1978, it was initially focused solely on land and air-land defense issues. In recent years, it has integrated the security dimension.

Within GICAT, we bring together some thirty companies dedicated to what I call data intelligence. More specifically, tools dedicated to intelligence and Big Data, which links us to the defense and security ecosystem.

Invenis - Data in the defense and security sector encompasses many issues. We also talk a lot about digital sovereignty.
How do GICAT and the Data Intelligence Cluster promote this issue?

Digital sovereignty is an issue in order to preserve our independence, our identity. Today, all this has been enhanced. First in the field of security and defense for reasons of confidentiality, autonomy of assessment and decision. Covid has only increased all this because there has been a collective awareness, of the authorities but also of the citizens. The almost total domination of solutions across the Atlantic has caused an awareness of this lack.

Building data sovereignty, at the national or European level, is fundamental because it simply structures our lives. France is quite innovative in this area. Both for the protection of individuals with the CNIL and the RGPD. On a collective level, we understand that data is an absolutely incredible asset because with digital technology we can give data a value and build a set of services.

Invenis - Can you tell us what are the current and future needs in data processing for the defense sector in France?

The data needs are specific because we are in the defense and security sector. The first is of course the confidentiality of information, for obvious reasons. Confidentiality is intrinsic, but access to it must also be tiered. Depending on the level of responsibility, access to secure information is not the same. We talk about the need to know in specialized environments.
The second need is accessibility, of course. This data must be permanently available. Finally, in its processing, the volume being overflowing and exponential, we need solutions that allow us to automate the collection, preparation and exploitation of this data.

Invenis - We are very pleased that Invenis officially joins, as a sovereign solution of Data Preparation, the GICAT and more particularly the Data Intelligence Cluster. How is the arrival of Invenis within this cluster relevant?

The cluster's objective is to assemble the relevant bricks to propose a coherent global offer in relation to the sector's needs. We have identified the value brought by Invenis in this global offer.

Invenis has this particularity in the Data Preparation therefore in the formatting and quality of information that is then given to the exploitation. It is a particular node that Invenis covers. Today, we do not have this capacity at the level that Invenis provides. This gives extremely lively solutions that are useful for analysts because we reverse Pareto. That is to say, we spend time with human intelligence to enhance the quality of this information, making it accessible and all this in automatic mode. The time factor is extremely important compared to the volume.

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