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Data at the service of the Organization

At Invenis, we want to change this status quo. We believe that every company, regardless of its size, activity or amount of turnover, can take advantage of modern data analysis technologies.
We believe that spreading the use of predictive analytics to all businesses creates value and promotes progress.
We are at the side of the data neglected and we will leave no one by the wayside.

Our raison d'être?

Enabling all companies to become Data Driven


A recognized know-how

  • By offering you a Data Integration & Data Analytics solution to process all your data
  • Helping you to successfully scale up your Data projects
  • By providing you with a Data culture and thus enabling you to disseminate data at all levels of the company, to all teams, to all business lines.
For who?

Businesses and public administrations

  • All companies
  • All public sector administrations
  • Data teams and CIOs looking for a trusted partner
For what?

Making data accessible at last

  • Support you in your data quality processes
  • Analyze all your data, from all your internal and external sources
  • Putting in your hands the useful use cases adapted to your activity

We continue to invest in our Data Preparation and Data Analytics solution. We are there for our customers who have believed in us for many years and we will be there for you as long as data makes sense to your business. As long as data allows you to serve your customers better. As long as data gives you the chance to reinvent yourself.

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