Your data processing from A to Z: for aggregate, clean and quality data.

Invenis is a data analysis and mining platform.
Clean, aggregate and analyse your data in a simple way and scale up to improve your decision making.

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Data connection

MySQL, Oracle, HDFS (Hadoop), CSV, Excel, JSON...


Preparation, enrichment and cleaning

Data harmonization, preparation and cleansing, data enrichment and aggregation


Advanced Statistics and Machine Learning

Prediction, segmentation, recommendation



Dashboards, maps, APIs to your business tools and databases, CSV and Json exports...

Invenis provides answers to your daily problems: integration, preparation and processing of all your data.


Invenis connects to all your data sources: MySQL, Oracle, Postgres SQL, HDFS (Hadoop)... and allows you to analyze all your files: CSV, Json...

Data preparation

Aggregate, cleanse, enrich all your databases, from all your data sources.

Machine Learning and Text Mining

Make predictions on all your data, without code and without the need for a team of experts. The best algorithms are automatically chosen according to your data and use cases.


Repetitive tasks and your recurring analyses are automated. Save time to exploit the full potential of your data!


You can work as a team, with the other analysts in your team, but also with all teams. This makes decision-making more efficient and information is disseminated to all levels of the company.


Visualize your results on dashboards, maps, tables ... Your analyses are updated in real time and with each new dataset.

List of possible connectors

All-in-one software

One software at all stages of your data analyses

Clean, quality data

Finally, get the most out of your data by optimising its quality and preparation.

SaaS without obligation

Access all your analyses and data wherever you are. Our subscription is monthly and without obligation

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