Data Preparation with Invenis

Invenis is a no-code data preparation software. Discover the software you need for aggregate, clean and quality data.

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150 no-code features

All your data processing or manipulation in a few clicks


Big Data and heterogeneous data

To process all your data (structured, multimedia, geographic)


Standardized approach to data pipelines

Visual data pipelines to work as a team and reduce the risk of manual errors



Your data pipelines simply industrialized within the same software

Import of data

Invenis allows you to connect to all your data sources: structured, unstructured, geographic data (geojson, KML)...
Connectors: MariaDB, MySQL, PostGreSQL, MongoDB and others ...

Data preparation

Invenis offers more than 150 pre-coded features for data cleansing, harmonization, preparation and enrichment. In a few clicks and without code, you create processing sequences in a unique environment.

Advanced Analytics

More than a classic ETL, with Invenis, you have access to a library of advanced features of statistics, Machine Learning (clustering, decision tree, random forest, auto regression ...), Text Mining (Entity Recognition ...).


Because each business has specific data exploitation rules, you can add your own treatments to the Invenis library of features.

Connection to third-party tools

Invenis connects to third-party data processing tools via REST APIs and allows you to leverage all your multimedia data: Apache Tika, Stanford Named Entity Recognizer, Tshark ...


Automate all your data pipelines in a production environment and finally industrialize your data projects.

List of possible connectors

Single platform

A single software designed to link all your processing on all your data

Easy to use

Fast learning curve, standardized approach and no-code software


With Invenis, you process your data with confidence in a 100% French environment


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