The "Preview" feature in Invenis :

Having a tool that allows you to clean and prepare your data is good.
Having a tool that helps you do it intelligently is better!

Invenis provides Data experts with a whole environment of assistance to Data Preparation, in no-code.

The functionalities of assistance to the Data Quality present in Invenis help you to save time on the preparation of your data and to anticipate all the treatments necessary to the setting in quality of your data.

Among them, discover the "Preview" function that allows you to visualize in one click the dispersion of your data and possible data quality problems (missing values, outliers ...).

For each data set, the function will give:

  • Number of rows for which all columns are filled
  • Number of rows for which at least one column is not filled
  • Number of rows for which no column is filled

For each column:

  • Line fill rate
  • For the texts :
    • Number of distinct values
    • Histogram or pie chart representation
    • Display an alert if there are spaces at the beginning/end of at least one line 
    • Maximum text length
  • For numbers :
    • Mustache boxes
      • Quartiles
      • Abnormal" values
  • For the dates:
    • Histograms
  • For Booleans:
    • Distribution as a pie chart

This data quality assistance function gives you valuable insight and guides you through the necessary processing of your data. 

For more information, contact us!

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