The essential tools of the data expert in the defense and security sector  

We have seen in the first part that data experts in defense and security are faced with specific challenges that can make it difficult to process your data. However, there are components to integrate to make the data process more reliable.

An automated data preparation phase: 

The Data Preparation step is fundamental to exploit good quality data. Thanks to the quality of the data, the data expert can obtain reliable results from the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. 

In addition, as the volumes of data from various sources are increasing, AI is used to automate data preparation, also known as Automated Data Preparation. By using Machine Learning, it is possible to detect outliers, missing values and errors. Machine learning algorithms can automatically fill in the values to harmonize the data. 

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Once the data preparation workflow is done,Automated Data Preparation also allows to automate the treatments in order to have clean and cleaned data permanently.

Today 50% of Data Engineers* believe they spend too much time maintaining data workflows. With a data preparation tool that ensures good data quality in an automated way, errors will be reduced. Thus, Data Engineers will more easily monitor their data flows with greater confidence. In this way, it will be easier for them to offer visibility and give the right data to the analysts. 

What are the results? It saves up to 50% of time in data preparation.

This guarantees the reliability of the data, as well as its rapid accessibility. Thanks to the automation of processing, analysts have more time to exploit this data and extract value from it.

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A sovereign tool to ensure data privacy and security:

In the defense and security sector, data sovereignty is a sensitive issue. That's why it is fundamental to know which solution to entrust your data to when selecting a tool or an external service provider. 

Invenis is the data partner of the defense and security industry and assists them in processing and improving the quality of their data. 

  • Preparation and processing of massive data
  • Realization, with the help of the software no code of Data Preparation, of use cases of the sectors of defense and security
  • Sovereign and trustworthy

Invenis is a specialist in Data Preparation : 

  • The user is autonomous thanks to the Invenis no-code software for the preparation and quality control of your data. 
  • Teams of experts (Data Analysts and Data Consultants) accompany users to quickly exploit the full potential of the data.

Invenis is part of the Data Intelligence Cluster of GICAT.

GICAT, the French Land and Air-Land Defense and Security Industries Group, is a professional grouping that brings together players covering a broad spectrum of industrial, research, service and consulting activities for the benefit of military and civilian, national and international components involved in the security and/or defense of these environments.

Within it, the Data Intelligence Cluster is a one-stop shop for access to sovereign data intelligence technologies.

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