Data Preparation

Aggregate and prepare your data from multiple data sources

Data preparation is a key step in data processing.

In total autonomy with our Data Preparation software or accompanied by our Data Analysts, finally put the quality of your data at the centre of your Data approach.

Aggregation of your multi-source data, cleaning and preparation, enrichment: ensure reliable and high-quality data.


Industrialize your data projects through automation

Data management

Save time and efficiency on data preparation and integration through automation.

By automating your data preparation pipelines, you can improve your data quality and avoid manual errors. Automating your workflows with Invenis also allows you to better control and anticipate errors.

Our Data Preparation features

Data aggregation

Multi-source data, databases, cloud or on premise

Cleaning and preparation

All the features needed to clean up your data


With internal data or Open Data, depending on your needs

Automation of processes

Automated pipelines to industrialise your use cases

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