Data Governance

Data governance is at the heart of your data approach.
The objective of good data governance is to enable you to collect, identify and process all your data with the highest level of quality.

Thanks to our proven methodology and technological know-how, our consultants will audit your organisation and suggest the best way to manage your data in line with your teams and infrastructures.

The data governance strategy is essential in your data approach.

Surround yourself with Invenis' experts to exploit the potential of your data!

Adopt good practices for a data-driven approach

The implementation of your data strategy must be accompanied by effective data governance.

Invenis helps you to set up an efficient data organisation for your organisation. Together, we define the processes, responsibilities and data definition to make your data approach a success.

A 360° approach to data quality
Adopt a data culture within your teams

The data culture of your employees is an effective vector for the success of data projects.

A good understanding of the need at all levels (strategic, technical and operational) is essential to enable your teams to collaborate effectively on data projects and to bring out the high value data use cases.

Invenis supports your employees in the implementation of a data culture: animation of workshops and conferences on all data subjects.

Data management

Our data governance offering

  • Audit of your data and your data organisation
  • Mapping your data
  • Mapping your data organisation
  • Definition of your data and ontology
  • Training and support for your teams on data issues
  • Setting up processes

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