Business Intelligence

By Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies


Invenis gives power back to data users !

Advanced technologies are now accessible to data teams with absolute autonomy thanks to the simplest Business Intelligence software in the market.

Data analysts, Data scientists and business teams : you can now work together and turn data into sustainable source of growth, innovation and loyalty.

Predictive maintenance, purchase recommendation, customer knowledge, anomaly detection have never been so easy to setup & manage !



We propose Invenis as a monthly subscription, with no contract duration and no limit of users. 

Software as a Service

Need autonomy?

Be self sufficient, get access to a use-case library and develop your own use case easily with our SaaS solution .         

Solution as a Service

Need support ?

Our team of data experts supports you in the implementation of your use-cases and delivers dashboards updated in real-time.



Invenis connects to your data : MySQL, Oracle, Postgres SQL, HDFS (Hadoop), CSV, Json … and many more !

Data Preparation

Clean, standardize and enrich your data easily. 


Machine Learning

No need to code to use Machine Learning Algorithms, learn from data history  and make predictions. 

Software as a Service

Invenis is available as a SaaS (and on premise) solution. We offer simplicity and flexibility of a data analysis solution, combined with advanced technologies performance.


Let’s involve the whole Data team, share the analysis and take the right decisions all together !


Data Visualisation

View your results on real-time dashboards. And many more !



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